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About me

Born in a family that loves kurdish tradition and has often expressed it in art and music,shivan akreyi came to this world on Newroz of 1987 in the historical city of Hevler, Kurdistan. He grew up his childhood years in the warm kurdish neighborhoods of Hevler. Like many kids of his age, he started his education at the age of six and attended elemntary school in Hevler.

However, very soon his journey of life took a different path and he moved to Europe where he and his family continue to settle.
Shivan recently was able to graduate from highschool and is currently working towards getting a college degree.

The important thing to remember however, is that throughout his life music has played a big role from the moment he opened his eyes in this world His love for music started as a child and he entered the world of music with the help of his father, Fazil Akreyi, whom also is attached to music from within.

Fazil Akreyi, from early on had inexhaustible passion for music and managed to become a recognizable singer in South Kurdistan. In many occasions Shivan’s father performed with the well-known singers such as, Tahsin Taha, Fuad Ahmed, Ereb Osman, and many more. Fazil as well as the singers he performed with became absolute inspirations for Shivan and at an early age his love for music began to grow. Shivan managed to grasp lessons from his father as well as many other Kurdish singers whom performed with Fazil.

Shivan's love for music gave him the courage to follow his father's golden footsteps and he has been fortunate enough to perform in several occassions. The experience he feels when singing is like no other and he hopes to expand his feelings and express them in his music. His aim is to protect and improve Kurdish music to a higher level and to someday touch the hearts of his listeners with his music and voice.



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